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About Author

Stephanie A. Elias is a renowned author and expert on vintage movie poster art and collecting. With a lifelong passion for classic cinema and popular culture, Elias has dedicated herself to preserving and celebrating the iconic poster artwork that helped promote some of the most beloved films of all time.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Elias was surrounded by the allure of Hollywood from a young age. Her fascination with movie posters began after inheriting a small collection from her grandfather, a former theater owner. What started as a casual hobby soon blossomed into an obsession as she began scouring flea markets, estate sales, and memorabilia shops in search of rare and valuable poster treasures.

Over the years, Elias has amassed one of the world’s largest and most impressive personal collections of original movie poster art spanning from the early 20th century to modern day. Her vast collection covers all genres and eras of filmmaking, with a particular emphasis on horror, film noir, and classic Hollywood golden age pieces.

In addition to her own collecting pursuits, Elias has authored multiple critically-acclaimed books that serve as comprehensive resources for movie poster enthusiasts and collectors alike. Her seminal work, “The Definitive Guide to Vintage Movie Posters,” provides a rich historical overview along with expert advice on authentication, grading, restoration, and valuations.

Beyond books, Elias frequently lends her expertise through interviews, lectures, museum exhibitions, and TV/podcast appearances. She has helped organize and curate some of the most extensive public displays of vintage movie art around the world.

At her core, Elias sees vintage movie posters as irreplaceable cultural artifacts that tell fascinating stories about the films they were created to promote. Her advocacy for education and preservation has inspired countless designers, artists, movie fans, and collectors to develop a deeper appreciation for this unique art form.